Publishing & Media

The Publishing industry and Media were probably the two sectors of the economy, which were most strongly influenced by the digital revolution. Sometimes the impact was favourable (easier and quicker content research, production and delivery) and sometimes the impact was challenging (the immergence of new media channels which challenged the traditional business models). In both instances publishers and media had to take advantage of the new technological developments.

The companies within Sirma Group have a long history of supporting publishing companies and media and helping them leverage new technologies to their advantage and to that of their clients.


Self Service Semantic Suite

Organizations which need to uncover meaningful data, which is hidden in the text can now benefit…

Semantic News Publishing

Global publishers can now benefit from linked data integration. Using Ontotext’s product Semantic News Publishing, publishers…

Academic Publishing

Scientific and academic publishers can maximize content value by leveraging existing taxonomies, thesauri and controlled vocabularies…

Publishing Platform

Publishers, from individual journalists, who produce blogs and articles, to large publishing organizations, which need to streamline their content generation…


Software Development

The Publishing and Media industries were one of the first to embrace the digital revolution and utilize new technologies…

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