Public Sector

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The Public sector is a relatively big part of our economy which sometimes remains inconspicuous. People are so much used to the services provided that they are taken for granted. The Public Sector provides services which all of us use daily, such as education, transport, infrastructure, taxation, healthcare, to name but a few.

As all sectors of today’s economy the Public Sector is also strongly influenced by the revolution in technology. Internet, software, AI, big data management, mobile apps can all greatly increase effectiveness of the processes within the Public sector organizations. Sirma brings together more than 20 years of expertise in North America and Europe with its innovative approach and cutting edge technology to bring value to the Public sector and all the citizens it serves.


e-Government Service Platform

Local and national public organizations are embracing the advances in technology to better serve the citizens…


IT Consulting

The Public sector needs IT solutions in order to execute its tasks better and quicker. Contemporary IT is evolving at a rapid pace…

System Integration

With more than 20 years of experience with the public and government administration, Sirma Solutions has developed deep expertise…

Software Development

Municipalities, Government and all Public sector organizations are specific complex structures. These often require specific…

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