Manufacturing & Utility

The industrial revolution created most of today’s manufacturing processes. For a relatively long time many of them remained unchanged. Today the digital revolution is impacting all manufacturing and utility processes in a ground-braking way. The processes are becoming more effective, more cost efficient and much faster, to name but a few of the changes incurred.

Sirma is utilizing its detailed understanding of the manufacturing and utility processes and combing this with its technological expertise in order to bring true value to all of its clients in this economic vertical.



The challenges in front of today’s manufacturers are great. They need to cater for the increasing needs of their clients…

ScanFit & Measure

ScanFit&Measure is a 2D system for automated measurement and inspection of profile geometry developed for extrusion industries like aluminum…

EngView Package & Display Designer Suite

Packaging hasn’t been “putting things in a box” for a long time now. The package reveals the product’s identity…

ALEX Tool Matching

ALEX Tool Matching is a product supporting the Aluminum Extrusion industry. Aluminum extruders usually produce a new tool for every die they make…


Software Development

Manufacturers today are faced with many challenges and opportunities brought about by the rapid advance of technology…

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