Life Sciences

If ever technology could literally save lives, it would be in the field of Life Sciences. It is here that technology benefits research, global collaboration, access to data and knowledge leading to ground-breaking discoveries.
Sirma is putting technology to use in support of the needs of Life Sciences. Our products and services benefit the whole spectrum – from research and development, through turning data into knowledge all the way to telemedicine.

At Sirma we are truly working to make the World a better place.


Linked Data Integration for Pharma

Ontotext’s Linked Data Integration for Pharma is a unified document analysis solution that helps you quickly and easily…

Linked Data Integration for Healthcare

Ontotext‘s Linked Data Integration for Healthcare breaks the productivity barrier, transforming the raw patient data…

Health Insurance Insights

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, spending for health services will grow by close to 6 percent per year through 2019…

Diabetes: M

Diabetes: M is a unique mobile app which was developed by diabetics for diabetics…


System Integration

The requirements on the IT functionality of healthcare institutions have been steadily increasing…

Health Records

Electronic Health Records or EHR and their electronic sharing give meaningful benefits both to healthcare organizations and their patients…

Future Development

Platform for Chronic Deseases

With the aging of the population chronic diseases become more widespread. In order to ensure proper treatment of these diseases…

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