Cultural Heritage

Using the future to enjoy the past

Seemingly the organizations working in the sphere of Cultural Heritage are focused on the past – in preserving and conserving the physical and intangible treasures of our history. Is it possible that thеse organizations can benefit from up-to-date technology developments?

Very much so. Through cutting edge technology archives, libraries, galleries and museums across the World can digitalize their expositions. Curators and restorers may collaborate and work together. Technology can bring forth hidden precious information hidden in massive silos of unstructured data. In short technology can help the most important function of the discipline of Cultural Heritage – carry it into the future.

Sirma has a long and successful track record of applying the most innovative technological solutions to the benefit of organizations preserving our Cultural Heritage and subsequently enrich the future generations.


Open Policy

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For a long time conservation specialists from museums across the World suffered for lack of specialized software able to facilitate their work…


Linked Data Integration

Linked Data Integration services benefit archives, museums and libraries, to name but a few of the cultural heritage institutions…

Future Development

Museum Space

The Sirma development teams are working on a software as a service (SaaS) information management…

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