Strategy Picture Post

The fourth industrial revolution presents new challenges to organizations. New technologies emerge daily, which unify the physical, biological and digital worlds. These technologies will bring about changes in all disciplines, industries and whole economies. They too bring the potential for dramatic increase in efficiency and value for every business. Due to this disruption enterprises need to redefine their business models, strategies, production, marketing, R&D and management. The enterprise of the future is the “Intelligent Enterprise”, which makes use exactly of these technologies.

The Mission of Sirma is to facilitate the transition of its clients to the “Intelligent Enterprise”, using cognitive business technologies, which provide our clients with a competitive edge. This Mission has been followed since the launch of the first Sirma company – „Sirma AI in the distant 1992. Until now the companies in the Group facilitated the transition of their clients to the digital era. Today, and in the years to come, the clients need something more. The time for AI has dawned as well as its implementation in all business sectors. Sirma has the opportunity to capitalize on one hidden asset – 25 years of development of cognitive technologies. Sirma is in a unique position to help its clients in the transition to the “Intelligent Enterprise“.

In the period 20 – 31 March 2017, the management of Sirma Group Holding will hold meetings and discussion with shareholders and other stakeholders about the update of the Sirma Strategy. The final presentation of the updated Strategy as well as interesting Q&A from the discussions will be officially disclosed on 3 April 2017 – shortly after the end of the discussions.