Ontotext, an innovation leader in Semantic Technology, and Impelsys, a world leader in publishing and learning technology solutions, announced its global partnership. This agreement will offer an integrated technology that adds new perspectives to content publishing.

Ontotext GraphDB and Dynamic Semantic Publishing Platform will be integrated with Impelsys iPublishCentral flagship platform. This will enable publishers and content providers to benefit from semantically enriched metadata at both downstream and upstream of their production workflow and value chain, and turn their content into Smart Content. Both parties will offer a number of innovations, as well as new opportunities of monetization to publishers, learning providers and enterprises, in order to better manage their own digital content and utilize the semantically enriched meta data.

Impelsys infrastructure – iPublishCentral, which supports dissemination of basic PDF/EPUB based eBooks to complex compliant courseware modules, will be combined with Ontotext powerful semantic capabilities. The result will bring to market a comprehensive digital content management solution that will provide publishers a richer context for publications, as well as better advertising opportunities.

Both companies will participate and give a joint presentation at the London Book Fair, UK (April, 12-14). The event is expected to be visited by more than 25 000 professionals in publishing. The joint lecture will be delivered by Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys, and Dr. Georgi Georgiev, Head of Text Analytics Division at Ontotext. The topic of the presentation is “Why semantics matters? Add semantics to your content-since inception to delivery”. Innovative approaches to some of the toughest challenges that publishers faced in their practice will be pointed out, and how they can be tackled owing to semantics. Among the highlights will be the ways in which semantics add value across the digital product lifecycle, creating of contextual authoring content, solutions for editorial workflow automation, improving of content search through relevant recommendations, etc.

Ontotext and Impelsys boots will be in near neighbourhood. Dr. Georgiev will give also another lecture, which topic is „Metadata enrichment in publishing: how to leverage the full power of semantics in order to increase productivity and better off the user engagement“.

“Ontotext provides publishers products that solve some of the toughest technology problems: automatic content enrichment, powerful content retrieval and recommendation. Building a complete Smart Content management solution requires also digital asset management infrastructure and services, as the ones provided by Impelsys. I am happy that we developed and now can announce our partnership with Impelsys. Together Ontotext and Impelsys offer publishers a comprehensive and very efficient Smart Content and Metadata solutions with reduced complexity and effort for implementation.” said Atanas Kiryakov, Founder and CEO of Ontotext.

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for global publishers and education providers, managing content & learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read to Learn Solution. Impelsys provides content engineering services across the digital product development lifecycle helping clients build new digital products ranging from eBooks to simulations to online courseware.

To learn more, please visit: www.impelsys.com

About Ontotext
Launched in 2000 as part of Sirma Group, Ontotext is a leading software provider of semantic technology. For over a decade Ontotext has brought together metadata and content to search, navigate and analyze information in more productive ways. The company was among the first organizations in the world to recognize the power of semantic-driven technology. After extensive product development and self-funded R&D, Ontotext’s vision for semantic technology is now being shared by some of the world’s most renowned organizations spanning a diverse range of industries.

To learn more, please visit: www.ontotext.com