The Financial Times (FT), one of the world’s leading business publishers, implements Ontotext’s semantic technology.

The media has been working with the Ontotext Media and Publishing platform to rebuild their back-end publishing stack. It includes analysing and automatically tagging of text; semantic database engine GraphDB and Ontotext’s Recommendation Engine based on the analysis of both content meaning and website’s visitor behaviour. This is another world’s leading publishing group, who entrusts critical content management infrastructure to the Bulgarian company after BBC, Press Association, Euromoney and others.

Semantic technology is an advanced software segment, which enables computers to better understand human language and interpret data. Accordingly, the technology is particularly useful in the publishing and content management, many scientific fields and business area, which use the Big Data and large amount of information. Recently, Jam Rayfild, Head of Solutions Architecture at Financial Times, carried a presentation on “Semantic Technologies for online, electronic and print media”, and presented the project that uses technology from Ontotext.

Ontotext is a leading software provider of semantic technologies for advanced data mining and content management. The products are based on strong R&D fundamentals: text analysis (NLP), reasoning, semantic web (Web 3.0, linked open data), and semantic graph database engine (triplestore, a sort of NoSQL). Ontotext semantic solutions save considerable amount of time and financial resources while processing and mining text, and data gathered from multiple sources in Life Sciences, Publishing, Business Intelligence, Telecommunications, Recruitment, etc. The company’s clients are BBC, Financial Times, Press Association, Euromoney, AstraZeneca, John Wiley & Sons, Oxford University Press, Korea Telecom, UN, UK Parliament, the British Museum, Johnson Controls USA, Getty Trust and many others. During the last decade, Ontotext has established itself as a significant player in lots of advanced open source software projects, like GATE and Sesame. The company is also among the most innovative and successful Bulgarian software vendors, and is part of Sirma Group Holding.