Ontotext Supports Hacking Sofia With Open Data

Semantic technology developer Ontotext will be awarding a special ‘Linked Data Innovation’ Prize.The accolade will be given to the team that will come up with an innovative linked-data solution during the 24-hour Sofia Municipality Innovation Hackathon 2016.

As part of the hackathon, which will take place at Sofia’s National Palace of Culture on 9 and 10 June, Ontotext will award an innovative solution that is aimed at improving the lives of Sofia residents and is based on open data and applies the Linked Datastandards. Ontotext is offering a prize of 1,000 leva, plus support for the implementation of the solution – including mentoring, maintenance and licenses for GraphDB SE – for the equivalent of 12,000 leva.

Ontotext’s Head of GraphDB DevEx, Pavel Mihaylov will be one of the mentors at the hackathon, while Ontotext Head of Marketing Milena Yankova will be a non-voting member of the jury which will award the special prize. Ontotext will ensure access to several open datasets, as linked data in the Amazon Cloud, so participants will need Internet access to be able to create and test their innovative linked-data solutions.

The Sofia Municipality Innovation Hackathon 2016 – organized by the Fund for Innovations in partnership with Innovation Starter and the Innovation Academy for Students – will see the participation of 63 teams from 7 universities. Under the mentorship of the jury, the teams will have the opportunity to work for a full 24 hours on their demos, digital platforms, software solutions and presentations on how to solve the challenges Sofia faces in education, healthcare, and the preservation and promotion of its cultural and historical heritage. Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova is a member of the Hackathon Jury and will attend the award ceremony.

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