Ontotext Presents the Advantages of Open Data at the Government Event

Open data Ontotext

Ontotext, part of Sirma Group, presented at the annual Open Data Forum, organised by the Bulgarian government.The “Data Choice” Forum was held on the 10th of May, at 9:30 in the Marble Hall of the Ministry Council. The participants were  Rumiana Bachvarova, Deputy Prime Minister for Coalition Policy and Public Administration and Minister of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria; representatives from the Minister Bachvarova’s team; Antoaneta Genova, a representative of the Data Science Society Organisation; Yavor Alexiev, economist at the Institute for Market Economics and Chief Editor of Infograph, as well as Milena Yankova, Director Global Marketing at Ontotext.

During the event, the participants discussed the development of Open Data technologies in Bulgaria, and their advantages in different public services. Open Data are data sets, provided in a format allowing free distribution and use. This approach has many advantages and can lead to the development of applications and services useful for the society, in areas such as public transportation, urban planning, environment, crime prevention, economy, etc. The forum participants answered a number of questions including what linked data are, how they are used for extracting valuable knowledge from the registries published by the government, and how this benefits Bulgaria’s economic development.

“Data are the main resource in the Information Age we live in, but the analysed information and, most of all, the knowledge extracted from these data is what really matters. Open data offer a wonderful opportunity to support knowledge economy. However, there is a lot to be done in order to analyze these data – normalisation, standardisation and linkage. Once linked, data can be viewed as information; semantics brings knowledge and adds value to the economy.”,  added Milena Yankova from Ontotext.

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