New Semantic Platform of Ontotext Enables Publishers to Provide Personalized Content

Ontotext JSC presented full-featured application of innovative semantic platform that allows media to provide dynamic personalized content to their readers. The service is called NOW (News On the Web), fully web-based and works with Ontotext semantic software. NOW aims to help publishers to adapt better to the challenges of the digital age. The platform incorporates best approaches and results, gained while Ontotext has worked for some of the most recognizable media groups in the world including BBC, Press Association and many others.

NOW is a powerful web application that delivers media content from several major news sites, linking individual articles by automatically extracted tags, associations and relations to a huge base of knowledge about the real world. It helps readers to quickly screen out their interesting topics from the news feed. This empowers media to successfully attract a larger audience through personalized and thematically selected content. NOW demonstrated by generally accessible news, how media can deliver its own appealing copyright content to readers, due to the convergence of different media types, in order to increase readers engagement.

The semantic database of NOW is a foundation for search and automatic content enrichment, linked to real-world objects, themes and relationships between them. It contains over 3.75 million conceptions of the world (mainly people, locations and organizations) based on Wikipedia and provided by DBpedia as linked open data (Linked Open Data). Behind NOW is the Ontotext Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) platform – a suite of configurable front and back end applications that can be designed for a broad spectrum of publishing needs. DSP assembles and delivers personalized web pages using a variety of unstructured data types and semantic facts about the people, places or organizations that the visitor is searching for. Semantic curation prompts authors or researchers with relevant curated content as they write. Hence, what you find is that semantic recommendation engines are analysing a lot of data. They know the web visitor profile and search history, and customers are able to instantly access highly relevant, recommended articles.

NOW is a showcase for a number of powerful semantic-driven technologies that helps publishers realizing their vision of dynamic digital news publishing. With the advent of new Internet technologies, web services and mobile applications, creating and consuming of media content is constantly evolving. We are witnessing a continuous increase of „digital – natives“ – people who were born in the era of digital media and are used to them first. This is related to the process digital convergence of media and publishers, whose workflows are created in „brick and mortar“ time. NOW illustrates how the use of different technologies and semantic metadata helps media to better interact and engage with “digital – native” users.

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