Daticum Datacentre Integrates Flash SSD Storage Technology into its Cloud Infrastructure

Bulgarian datacenter Daticum made a large-scale investment, implementing Flash SSD Storage technology into its cloud infrastructure. Basically, the technology differs from conventional hard drives – there is no moving parts, uses NAND-based flash chips and embedded processor, through which performs reading and writing operations from memory. Daticum is part of Sirma Group Holding JSC that aims forthcoming IPO on Bulgarian stock exchange.

„The best example of the Flash SSD Storage capacity comprises time of information processing. It shortens enormously processing in comparison to traditional SAS HDD, and what would be the picture when it comes to billions operations in a second?“ said Milen Nikolov, CTO of Daticum.

The advantages of Flash SSD Storage, compared to using traditional hard disk drives (HDD), include the ability to serve a big volume of input-output operations (IOPS), reduced consumption of processor resources, higher productivity, speeding up of data transfer, accelerated compiling of files, faster processing of picture images, and quicker load of customer systems.

These advantages make Flash SSD the most appropriate technology for critical business systems and applications, suitable for intensive work with database servers, indexing, processing logs and big files, maintenance of web portals with high use of services, as well as systems for business management ERP class.

“Our desire is to assist clients how to tackle challenges facing their business, justifies the company decision for this investment. Flash SSD Storage is the answer to customer demands for storage space of active data and faster IOPS processing, the increase of productivity, along with the speed while accessing  and delivering dynamic content from different databases “, added Rosen Marinov, CEO of Daticum AD.

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