Sirma Enterprise Systems is looking for DevOps Engineer
Sirma Enterprise Systems is looking for DevOps Engineer
(Ref. No: SES_DE)

Sirma Enterprise Systems (SES) is part of Sirma Group Holding JSC.

Our team is developing Sirma Enterprise Platform.

The Platform focuses on Semantic Data Integration with Collaborative Work flows and Content Management.

Our clients are leading companies and organizations as Quality Vision International Inc., National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (and seven others leading museums in the USA and Europe), Sofia Municipality in Bulgaria, to name few.

Our company has offices in Sofia, Ruse and Varna. 

Prospective candidates will belong to team that does deliver domain packages to be integrated together and delivered to our clients.

We expect you to:

  • feel the urge to automate tasks
  • have automation and DevOps in mind to allow smooth operations
  • be tolerant and honest team player, eager to develop and grow together with the team
  • Have a Bachelor or Master Degree of Computer Science, Information Technologies
  • Demonstrate:
    • in-depth understanding of
      • software development life cycle
      • infrastructure automation
      • setup and maintenance of CI and CD
      • containerization and virtualization
      • management of clusters and deployments
      • cloud deployments
      • infrastructure monitoring
      • application cluster management
      • application and infrastructure security
    • experience with distributed systems
    • experience with cloud deployments
    • ability to find elegant and practical solutions
    • ability to be effective through innovation
    • excellence in documenting and testing code
    • excellent spoken and written English
    • demanding perfection, quality and self-development

Technical requirements:

Proven knowledge and experience in:

  • Linux administration
  • Scripting - Bash
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Infrastructure automation tools - Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • An advantage is knowledge in:
    • NoSQL or Document-oriented databases
    • Graph databases
    • Solr, Elasticsearch or Lucene search engines
    • Java SE and EE

What we are:

We speak of:

  • Semantic Modeling
  • Model-Driven Development
  • Service-oriented Architecture
  • Micro-services architecture
  • Rational Unified Process and SCRUM

But we don’t hesitate to alter any of these to suit our way of work. 

We offer an open and a friendly atmosphere, competitive salary, and investment in your professional qualification. Your remuneration will be relative to your colleagues’ and will also be based on your real contribution – the quality of the technical solutions you submit, the processes and the team management, completed work, how much proactive you are and how willing you are to improve your skills.

The company’s success is shared among its employees.

Date expires: November 12, 2016
Department: BA
Term: Full time
Students: No
Date published:October 12, 2016
Location: Sofia, Ruse
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