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Sirma Group Holding is the biggest Bulgarian group of IT companies. Since 1992, Sirma has transformed the innovative ideas and acquired know-how into successful knowledge enterprises. Sirma became a public company in 2015, and completed the most successful technological initial public offering on the Bulgarian stock exchange. The Group consists of 12 subsidiaries and 3 associated companies, specialized in different IT domains.

The holding provides all needed resources to its subsidiaries, helping them to mature to market leaders. Stable growth, profitability and consistent business results are our top priorities. Innovations and research in the most advanced IT fields are our passion. We strive for sustainable development and utilize every opportunity to challenge human creativity and technology’s potential in order to provide superior value for stakeholders and society.


Latest news
Sirma Business Consulting Grabs Award in the Annual Top ICT Employer Competition
Oct 17, 2016 | SBC
Bulgarian company Sirma Business Consulting JSC (Sirma BC JSC) won a prestigious award in the 5th edition of “Top ICT Employers” 2016 contest, held on October 11, 2016, at Sofia. .
Daticum Participates in the European Parliament Roundtable Dedicated to the Future of Cloud Services
Oct 03, 2016 | Daticum
Bulgarian Data centre Daticum JSC, a leading provider of cloud services, has attended a round table in the European Parliament. .
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